• Do you know someone that snores?
  • Maybe they are sleeping right next to you. Or in the other room?
  • Do you wake yourself up snoring?

Snoring is caused by turbulence inside the airway during the drawing in of breath. The turbulence is caused by a partial blockage that may occur only during sleep, or it may persist all the time and be worse when we are asleep. During waking hours muscle tone keeps the airway in good shape; that’s why we don’t snore when awake.

Snoring is something that cannot be stopped at will, neither is it something that can be ‘cured’. It can however, be successfully controlled.

Most snorers tend to take the ‘hit and miss’ route to finding a solution, with the inevitable disappointing result.  How many times have you heard ‘I have tried everything, but nothing works’?

How can hypnosis help with snoring?

Your brain can monitor your airways as you sleep, and keep the airways open. I use hypnotherapy to teach your subconscious mind to help keep the right amount of muscle tone. Just as your mind knows how to let you breathe easily during the day, or when resting on its own, your mind can help to keep the right amount of muscle tone in your airways as you sleep. Through hypnosis your brain will learn how to monitor the muscles in your mouth and throat to allow you to breathe easily and quietly throughout the night.

Sleeping on your side prevents your chin relaxing and squashing your airway.  Under hypnosis I will teach you to turn on your side when snoring at night.

For partners. I use suggestion under hypnosis that the sound of your partner’s breathing helps you sleep soundly and deeper throughout the night.  Every time you hear the gentle rhythmic sound of their breathing, you will sleep deeper and feel more content knowing that they are there, close by and that you are safe and secure.