Public Speaking Confidence

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Do You Have A Fear of Public Speaking?

Perhaps you are to give a short talk to two or three people; or a business presentation; or addressing a large room full of people; or a wedding speech; or television interviews. Whatever your situation, if you are scared of speaking in public then I can help you.

When we react to an alarming situation our instinctive response is ‘flight or fight’: causing you to either attack your foe or run from it. Either way, the net result is the same – an inability to function reasonably. While the fight-or-flight response is still helpful if you need to escape from a burning building, it’s anything but helpful when you want to respond to a stressful event like public speaking. And if you fight your nervousness (e.g. say to yourself ‘I shouldn’t be nervous’ ) you’ll make it worse.

How can hypnosis help with public speaking?

Here’s the good news! I can use hypnosis to manage the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome, desensitize the situation so you realize it is not that life-threatening; reduce your nervousness so that you are mentally prepared for your success. The result will be you recognize when the anxiety is happening and convert it to useful, good energy for your best performance ever.