Hypnotic Childbirth

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Prepare for your birth and labour with this powerful relaxation technique that teaches you how to be relaxed and confident in both your mind and body ahead of and during your labour.

Mental attitude can make a big difference to perception of childbirth.  Techniques such as hypnotherapy, which trains the mind to live in peace, can help ease ease the symptoms and greatly improve quality of your birth.

Hypnotherapy is a modified state of consciousness in which the mind is temporarily re-routed.  This allows the subconscious mind to open up to selective, positive and mood-boosting suggestions.

How can hypnosis help with child birth?

Ideally sessions shoud start on or about the 7th month of pregnancy.  I will talk you through deep relaxation processes, combined with low level subliminal suggestions, so you can attain deeper levels of relaxation, calmness and confidence about your birth and labour, and have the best pregnancy possible.

I will teach you how to be in the best state for for birth including:

  • Preparing you for birth in the most comfortable way possible
  • Dealing with anxiety and worry
  • Becoming and staying relaxed and confident
  • Managing pain in a new way.