Bed Wetting

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Bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) can be worrying and frustrating, but it’s common for children to accidentally wet the bed during the night.

Why does my child wet the bed?

Bedwetting is not a mental or behavioural problem. There’s usually no obvious reason why children wet the bed and it’s not your child’s fault. The causes of bedwetting include stress, genetic factors, and difficulty waking from sleep. Bedwetting often leads to feelings of guilt and embarrassment, so it is important to focus on reducing stress and relieving guilt and embarrassment.

Treating bedwetting

Reassuring your child that everything is OK is also important. Don’t tell them off or punish them for wetting the bed as this won’t help and could make the problem worse. It’s important for them to know they haven’t done anything wrong, and it will get better.  In reality it can be a difficult condition to live with.

How can hypnosis help with bedwetting

If these measures alone don’t help, then hypnosis can help with your child’s bedwetting.  I use a variety of techniques and methods to retrain your brain to change habits and install new automatic behavioural responses through:

  • Habit reversal training – teaching your child to control fluid intake before bedtime to ensure they get the right amount of fluid.
  • Teach your child to wake themselves up when they need to use the bathroom

In rare cases, bedwetting may be the symptom of an underlying health condition, such as type 1 diabetes.  It is important to have your child’s health checked regularly by a doctor or specialist.